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The beauty, grace, originality of rose inflorescence attracts more and more flower growers. But the sharply continental climate for these flowers in severe winters is fatal. The method of shelter depends on the number of plants grown. For solitary, they arrange an individual shelter, and for a large number, if planted in a row, they Read More

Clematis – perennial creepers. Depending on the variety, they can reach heights of 2 to 5 meters, attract a variety of colors of flowers and leaves, an abundance of flowers (500 or more at the same time) and flowering time (up to 3 months). Consider the features of the plant. Clematis is photophilous. It is Read More

For the growth and development of various ornamental plants, the need for light and its quantity is also different. In relation to sunlight, plants can be divided into three large groups: photophilous, shade-resistant and shade-loving. A lot of perennial and annual crops feel great where there is plenty of sunlight. If we talk about spring Read More

Autumn is leaving. There comes a time of parting with the garden, but not with your favorite flowers. For many, these are daffodils, the scattering of flowers of which is so attractive in spring. How to extend winter communication with daffodils? How to make daffodils bloom at home when the window is snowing? How to Read More

Quite often, flower growers ask questions about peonies that do not bloom well or barely, although they were planted several years ago. Here are some tips for growing them. When planting, choose to delink with 3-5 kidneys. Correctly determine the place for landing – it should be well lit. In the first year, plants only Read More

The plants of zygocactus (Christmas cactus) that bloom in December determined the popular name β€œDecembrist”. It is unpretentious in care, requires infrequent watering as it dries in the ground. The Decembrist flower negatively perceives sharp changes in temperature, it is best to provide a loose kidney and drainage, while the capacity under it should not Read More