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Everyone associates their holidays with visits to natural places. Therefore, in the garden it is also necessary to highlight a picturesque corner for this purpose: this can be done with the help of a variety of lawns, a quiet stream, artificial ponds, and ponds. It is impossible to stop here on daytime, which is saturated Read More

If you want to make your garden more original and beautiful, to give it personality, then be sure to plant conifers there. Firstly, they will add decorative features throughout the year. Secondly, conifers will perfectly clean the air. Plus, on your site, there will be a piece of this forest – a great place to Read More

When your hands reach to ennoble the territory of a private plot, it is worth considering every moment of this issue. It is very important to correctly plan your actions and prioritize each subsequent action. One of the points of your plan should be to improve the paths on the site. After all, when along Read More

Few people find a garden located in a flat place interesting. Rough surfaces with hills and ravines allow you to create terraces, retaining walls and alpine slides on the site – all these are elements of plastics. The use of stairs is necessary for gardens, on whose surface there is a height difference. Many owners Read More

The modern range of lawn mixtures is very diverse. This applies to both foreign manufacturers and domestic. However, the composition of such mixtures is almost the same. The only difference is what percentage of these seeds and their quality. Depending on these parameters, the price is formed. When choosing a mixture, be guided so that Read More

Each gardener strives to make his garden the most beautiful, bright and comfortable place. Now it has become fashionable to buy beautiful fences and garden souvenirs. Of course, decorative fences and souvenirs will give any garden an original look, but not everyone can afford such an innovation. Unfortunately, these masterpieces of landscape design cost quite Read More

There are days when everything that surrounds us seems gray and nature suddenly loses color, in the shade of which even the usual garden plot seems dull and mundane. I don’t want to make drastic changes, but without a miracle, life fades. Specialists of the international organization of bulb flowers, consider growing seasonal flowers capable Read More

To make a small pool of tires, you do not need special skills and hard to find materials. All you need is one big tire from the car (preferably from the tractor), half a bag of cement, a suitable area for the pool and, of course, your desire. To get started, you have to prepare Read More